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About me

My name is Maurizio Urbani a Multimedia Artist.
My skills: Music Composition, Sound Designing, Web Designing and Visual Arts (Videomaking & Photography).
I am Christian Catholic and I deeply respect my neighbor independently if he/she is catholic (as I am), protestant, buddhist etc… or even atheist. I have no prejudices toward anyone and I do accept the dialog with everybody as long as the conversation does not contain profanities or vulgarities.
The goal of this site is to show you some of my works in a well-organized way. If you're interested in what I do or have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime and I will reply you asap. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your stay. 😉


Creating music is my life. For many years I composed and recorded prayers and Christian songs because that is my faith. For some time now, however, I felt the need to write relaxing music without a precise religious connotation. My source of inspiration is always the same but I like the idea that everyone, regardless of their spirituality, can meditate on my music.


Besides Music, I am interested in Photography and Ilustrations because, in my opinion, the Visual Art is the natural complement of the Music & Sound one. I love mixing real pictures with imaginary elements


Besides Music and Images, I am interested also in Videomaking. I mostly love shooting video of natural and relaxing landscapes.

Web Design

For about 20 years (end of the 90s) I have been interested in and studied the technologies applied to web development and since then I have realized - and still do - several projects of various kinds.
From pure B2B / B2C e-commerce to corporate sites, from institutional portals to Web TV & Radio. These are just some of the logos of my past and present partners.

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